Patch Crazy - MGL, Cardinal cardboard jigsaw 12/1/19-12/31/22

Vintage Bicycle Posters / MGL

 Wentworth wood puzzles 12/31/20

Vintage Fashions / MGL / Cardnl / Cardboard Jigsaw / 7/1/19-7/1/22

          Beer Coasters 

 MGL-Stave Puzzles/ Wooden Jigsaws       5/31/19-12/31/21 

Ice Cream Sodas

Antique Toys and Collectibles

MSTRPC 9/19/19-12-31-22

         Dinghys and Dories of Maine


Antique Angels

Best Places in the World/ WM

MGL / Stave Puzzles / 3/1/19-3/31/21

Vintage ChrIstmas Cards V2

Best Vintage Beers


Rustic 66 / MGL

Vintage Christmas Cards V1

MGL/ Wentworth Wood puzzles 3/31/20-22

Best Places In America

      Licensed by WM

Vintage Halloween


Rainbow Party Cones

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Greetings From Maine

MGL 7/3/2020

Candy Twists and Twirls / MGL

Sugar & Spice/ WM 11/20/18- 11/20/21

All Aboard!

MGL / Stave Puzzles Wood Puzzles / 3/1/19-3/31/21

Best Beer Ever

MGL / Ceaco 2019- 3/31/22

World of Travel / Horizontal version

WM 2019-2022

White Cat Antiques/ MGL

Fruit and Veggies Vintage labels

WCP Cardboard Jigsaw 11/9/2020-11/9/2023

Boardwalk Memories

Willow Creek Press Cardboard Jigsaw


       Fantasy Garden

MSTRPC / 10/16/19-12/31/22

Vintage Vegetable Labels

MGL / Stave Wood Puzzles

8/1/20-12/31/23 MGL/Peter Pauper Press

Coastal Maine

MGL 7/3/2020

Thriller Classics

MGL / Clementoni Spa 8/1/2020-12/31/2022

Cardboard Jigsaw

Doughnuts and Pastries

Vintage Halloween Masks

Pooch Party.

Movie Stamps

MGL  8/5/2020

             Ski Stamps

LPZLs 7/7/2020-7/7/2023

Odds and Ends (new horizontal version)

LPZLs 6/17/2020-6/17/2023

                Travel Stamps

Licensed to WM / 10/23/19- 10/23/22

Vintage Fruit Labels

Cardinal Inc. MGL Cardboard jigsaw


        Cairn Stone Cat

    WCP jigsaw 11/9/2020-11/9/2023

National Parks Patches version 2

Cardboard Jigsaw

Licensed 2/13/2020 WM

Pasta , Pizza and Wine

LPZLs 6/17/2020-6/17/2023

Tropic Retreat / MGL

Great American Brands / WM 2017-

Country Antiques

LPZLs 6/17/2020-6/17/2023

As a cardboard Jigsaw. N. America

MGL Trefl SA 11/1/2020-11/30/2021 UK & Ireland

Follow The Sun

Sunflower Fence

Vintage Tour De France

MGL / Stave Wood Puzzles / 3/1/19-3/31/21

MGL-Nautilus / Wood Puzzles

Famous Ice Cream Days /  WM 4/10/18

        Beach Campers


      8/20/18 - 12/31/21


Trout Story

 ALWYSMRT 7/1/2020-7/1/2023

As a cardboard jigsaw.

Santas & Nutcrackers

 MSTRPC 8/19/19-12/31/22

Butterfly Garden / MGL

Vintage Mail Order

Birds of our Shores Stamp Posters

Willow Creek Press Cardboard Jigsaw


Exotic Travels/ MGL / Buffalo Games 5/19- 5/22

A Treasure of Shells

Licensed to WM 2/26/19

Great Westerns

Christmas Nested Dolls

ML- LaRose Industries

11/1/2020-12/31/2023 US & Canada

Vintage Equestrian Stamp Posters

Willow Creek Press Cardboard Jigsaw


             Custom Graphics for License 2

Jazz Cat 

MGL -MJM Australia Imports


Buttons Beads and Bangles / MGL

Night Landing

               The Surf Cat Grill

WCP Cardboard Jigsaw 3/5/21-3/5/24

Now Boarding

LPLZs 6/17/2020-6/17/2023

Flip Flop Summer

      National Parks Patches V1

         MGL / Buffalo Games


Curiosity Shop/ MGL

Sun Glasses

Antique Numbers / New horizontal Version 7/1/2020

Exotic Destinations

MGL / Robert Kaufman / Fabric / 10-1-19-9-30-21

First Responders Patches

Christmas Toy Stamps Licensed by WM 2018- 2021  MGL / All Jigsaw 1/6/18-5/31/21

Let's Fish!

Licensed to WCP

Cardboard Jigsaw


           World of Travel

Licensed to WCP

Cardboard Jigsaw 5/19/20-5/19/23