Fright Night / Licensed by MGL                                         Vintage Milk Bottle Caps Collage                                                            Cats Galore / Licensed by MGL

                 The Garden Fountain

Wacky Ties/ Licensed by MGL

                      Odds and Ends                                                                 Made in the USA General Store / WM                                                       Fabulous Fifties

          Vintage Travel Posters Collage /WM                                     Cats in the Garden (find over fifty hidden cats)                                     Vintage Classic Movies / WM           

Licensed as a Dino Jigsaw via MGL 2017

                         Shaped Shark Adventure                                                                                                     Shaped Otter Pond

Sand Castle Dream / Licensed by MGL                                       Best Places in America/ WM                                      Beach Road Pickers / Licensed by MGL

Many of the illustrations and graphics shown have been licensed for jigsaw puzzles, wall murals,high quality wood cut jigsaws and greeting cards.Please feel free to ask about licensing any particular image shown.I will reply to your request and let you know if the image is available for license.

Please contact me at;


                        Fall Covered Bridge                                                                                   Vintage Opera Posters Collage/ Licensed by MGL

            Ski Patches Collage / White Mountain License                                                                      Dinghys and Dories

    Vintage Comedy Movies Collage / WM                                    Film Noir Posters                                                                                Christmas Eve


Egret Dawn for Jigsaw Puzzles /Licensed by MGL                           Field of Wings shaped butterfly                                            Rustic Numbers / Licensed by MGL

                                  Lobster Boats of Maine                                                                                   Garden Bunnies with over fifty hidden bunnies

Stained Glass Window Santa / Licensed by MGL

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Custom Graphics and Illustration for License

                     Fiesta Collage                                                            The original "Tapestry Wings" Butterfly                                            Tropicat / Licensed by MGL           

               World of the Sea Turtles / Sun'sOut & MGL                                                                      Vintage Apple Crate Labels Collage

Great Bass Lake / Licensed by MGL

                      Land of the Polar bears (shaped)                                                                                              Surfin Woodie (shaped)

                                Candy for any Season / WM                                                                                   

Painted Cat / WM  & MGL - murals                                                                             Jazz Cat                                                                            Lollipop Bouquet

                                    The Merry Whale Gifts /WM                                                                                            Roadside America/ WM

 The Jeweled Cat / Leanin Tree                                              Shark Adventure /  Licensed by MGL                                                       Colored Glass Bottles

Vintage Baseball Card collage

    Art Nouveau Posters Collage / Licensed by MGL                        Tapestry Cat (Best Seller!)WM                                                        Lobster Traps / Licensed by MGL