The Guiding Star

                                                             Vintage Baseball Card Collage                                       Vintage Art Nouveau Poster Collage

                                     Mother Grizzly and Cubs                                                                                 

                               Dinghys and Dories                                                                           Lobster Buoys 2                                                            Cardinal and Pinecone

Primitive Style Winter Skating Scene

Three Wise Men Bring Gifts to Baby Jesus

                                  Santa's Forest Friends                                                                              Fall Covered Bridge

                                         Whale Backs                                                                   Gold Finch                                                                   Stained Glass Nativity

Semi Pileated Plover

Greeting Cards For License

        Wisemen Still Seek Him                                     The Gold Santa                                            Scandinavian Santa                                   Stained Glass Santa

                   Santa and Friends                                                          Cardinal in the Snow                                           Roses and Crystal Vase (Photo)

                        Rooster Weathervane                                           Leaping Deer Weathervane                                         Door and Wreath                                 

The Holy Family

Polar Bear and Baby Seal

Flip Flop Frenzy

   Bull Rider Weathervane                                Wildlife Christmas Tree                                               3 Wisemen                                                 The Holy Family 

              The Jeweled Cat                                                       The Merry Whale Gifts                                                                                 Pen & Signets

     Santa Lights The Way                                              Santas Woodland Friends                                                                               World Cow

               Letter to Santa                                                                  Sleigh Ride                                                                Wreath , Sled and Snowman

Sheep and the Star

Holy Land Sunset

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                  Santa Portrait                                                                   Mountain Lion and Cubs                                                                              Coca Cola style Santa

Church Bells at Sunrise

Following the Star

                                        Santas Favorite Santa                                                               Santa Bear                                    Father Christmas

                                       Mussels                                                                              The Little Blue Sleigh                                                                Cats Galore

          Sailboat Weathervane                              Fox Weathervane                                         Angel Weathervane                                         Cat Weathervane        

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                                          Christmas Eve                                                                                               Antique Sleigh

                       Made in the USA General Store                                                                Lobster Buoys 1                                                                 Tapestry Cat