By Lewis T. Johnson

The Surf Casters

By Lewis T. Johnson

4"x8" Price $70.00

Original Sold  in 2016 for $450.00

Original Sold in 2017 $400.00

Laughing Gull

                 Price $ 130.00

Original Sold $950.00 in 2016

New Price! $65.00

Fine Art Prints

Gallery 2018

Oyster Catcher

8" x 10" Price $ 70.00

Print Size 12"x 15" $150.00

By Lewis T. Johnson

Original Sold

Mermaid and Sea Urchins

Little Blue Egret

4"x 8" Price $70.00

Beach Shells

Butterfly Garden


8" x 12" Print $70.00

Semi Pileated Plover

        13"-3/4 x 11"

9'x7" Print $70.00

African Geese on the Phoenixville Canal

Sand Crab


9-1/2"x8" Print $70.00

By Lewis T. Johnson

Original Sold in 2017 $ 450.00

10"x6-1/2" $60.00

9-1/4" x 5" $70.00

8"x5" Print $50.00

Original Sold in 2017 for $600.00

Welcome to my page of limited edition fine art prints now available . Each print is securely mounted on a foam core backing and sealed inside a protective acrylic envelope for protection when handling . Prices include packing and shipping to your door. Matting and framing are not available and are not included in the price. Each print comes signed by yours truly. If you would like to order or have questions about purchasing original art or any print shown, please feel free to send me an email to: and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Original sold in 2017

for $300.00

By Lewis T. Johnson

Great Blue Heron