Lamp of Sacrifice / Valley Forge PA

Lobster Traps at Cape Porpoise

                                  The Lobster Shack                                                                  Tea Time                                                              

A Treasure of Shells

Red Sails

The Marginal Way Tide Pools

Bo Jangles Christmas

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The Crusher, Perkins Cove, ME

The Maine Cove

The Cedar Dinghy

Baubles and Beads

                              Canadian Lynx (Phila Zoo)                                                                                                   Water Horse ( Phila Zoo)

                                  The Old Lobsterman                                                                                                               Yellow Traps

The Traps at Cape Porpoise, ME

Photography by Lewis T. Johnson

Restless at Kennebunkport, ME

Cloud Poodles 1                                                                                                            Floating Lobster Dock

The Marginal Way Hole in the Wall

                                            Banana Boats                                                                                             Chincoteague Beach Shack

A Treasure of Shells II

Mountaintops Display Windows,Perkins Cove, ME

Lobster Mural Pier 77

               Glacial Effect                                                                   Cloud Poodles 2                                                                         Pier 77 Dock View


Cabin Cruiser

The Henna Jo, Kennebunkport, ME

                                          A Grand Foyer                                                                Giant Lilies at Chanticleer                                       Fire Ball