Along with my graphic design and illustration business I also pursue painting whenever possible and continue to develop my skills and craft to create truly award winning images that evoke my passion for drama, color and detail focusing on wildlife and various landscape or still life subjects.My preferred mediums are gouache and watercolor with a touch of mixed media .

Photography has opened up a whole new world of applications and also provides some of the best subject material for new paintings and designs shown. Many of my photos have also become best selling licensed images !

Fine Art


Since graduation from Tyler School of Art with Deans list honors , I've pursued a career in the illustration and graphic design industry and the fine arts. I've worked freelance and in-house for a number of corporations beginning as a staff designer for Lenox China and senior staff illustrator for Current Inc. then moving on to American Visual Arts as a senior illustrator/ designer during the 80's and 90's. I opened my own freelance studio in 1994 serving a number of greeting card and tabletop collectibles companies with on- call graphic design and illustration services.

Beginning in 2000, I converted much of my design and studio work to digital design.

Over the last ten years my efforts have shifted mainly to licensing graphics and illustrated scenes for Jigsaw Puzzles .

Lewis T. Johnson

About My Work